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Centium Email Management System

Benefits of the application

EMS enhances any CRM operations that require fast and efficient response to customer issued tickets. Many CRM solutions are decentralized thus complicating procedures and raises costs, EMS is capable to centralize the various points of ticket creation by users either by normal email or product portals for multiple products. EMS software is 100% web browser based, scalable and simple to deploy, requiring no client installs. Can be accessed from any computer, PDA or hand-held device with a web-browser. Online Hosted Service options for both help desk software and inventory auditing is available to get you started right away. Totally ready for cloud computing.

EMS supports manual assignment of tickets or our intelligent routing ensures that tickets gets assigned fairly to all agents. EMS is able to also assign tickets by language to the relevant agents. Customers receives notifications by email on their ticket status to have better visibility on their issue status

How the Return of Investment can be achieved for EMS?

EMS operates within your Service Level Agreement. Key areas of monitoring and control is by ageing, agent evaluation and various reports. With the available tools in EMS, supervisors and managers can better manage tasks to especially resolve issues rather than searching for solutions. This shortens service times and enhances customer experience to improve brand of the product and service as well as your firm as a whole.

These key factors helps in customer retention, increased cross sales between product lines as agents are then able to promote other products and finally increase in sales and revenue. Further more EMS is could collect demographics of customers for the sales team to introduce and up-sell higher profit products to. This minimizes marketing costs indirectly and increases margin of revenue

How EMS helps call center to start adopting email as another form of channel of communication with their customer?

Call centers traditionally handles hundreds if not thousands of calls per day. Firms operating call centers needs a more cost effective solution to expand its operations and also provide an alternative method for their customers to submit ticket. With EMS, call center agent will be able to handle tickets from an additional channel thus making them contact center agents with the ability to handle more than one mode of communication.

Being entirely Web Based, EMS can be deployed to existing client hardware with minimal upgrades. Most call centers already have client terminals on a Windows based machine thus all EMS needs to be deployed to agents is the installation of a web browser and a local area network to route the tickets from exchange servers to the agents. Your agents will then be able to seamlessly switch from  calls to email without leaving their desk.



Centium EMS Features

1. Intelligent Ticket Routing

  • Based on individual assigned limit set-up for each user EMS able to assign tickets accordingly to maximize on available proficiency and experience of agents.
  • Working hours and holiday set-up enables EMS to take into account available working hours and available agents attending to tickets on any particular day.
  • Individual agents work schedule can also be configured further enhancing operations capacity and enables reassignment of tickets to available agents.

2. Manual ticket routing override

  • If for some reason an agent is not able to resolve the assigned issue, Supervisor may override the assignment by EMS and route the ticket to another agent available.
  • Even if an agent goes on Emergency leave midway in the day tickets assigned to that agent can be manually reassigned by the supervisor to another.

3. Ticket Reassignment

  • Ticket assignment are agent specific, thus if a ticket is reassigned to another agent the previous agent cease to have any rights to it.
  • A report is available to track exactly how long does individual agents resolve the ticket including how many times it is reassigned.

4. Configurable working hours with holidays and individual user leave set-up.

  • EMS is able to handle operations for multiple work shifts with fully configurable working hours.
  • Users may be grouped into specific working hours by specifying their off-working hours.
  • Public holidays and non working days may be applied to individual agents, groups of agents or operation wide.

5. Intuitive user and ticket performance monitoring

  • At any point of time a Supervisor may track the daily progress of users and tickets.
  • EMS is able to generate ticket specific status and ageing reports as well as agent time efficiency reports and the various stages of a ticket life-cycle on demand.

6. Integration with 3rd party survey application.

  • EMS can and may be integrated with 3rd party survey applications to gauge customer opinions and suggestions.
  • This may require additional applications to communicate to the said survey application depending on requirements and complexity.

7. User evaluation

  • Responses to ticket may be subjective thus a specific module to evaluate agents based on individual tickets is available.
  • Facilitates in appraisal and training initiatives to adhere to SLA and improve operations as a whole.
  • Evaluation criteria and grading may be customized to suite specific needs.

8. Knowledge-base creation and update.

  • Easy creation of How To, FAQ and SOP responses to tickets or operations as a whole may be created and structured into EMS.
  • This facilitates in easy training of inexperienced agents and as a quick reference to senior agents and other members of the operations as a whole.

9. Powerful reports

  • EMS has a standard set of reports as listed below
  • Summary Turnaround Time Report
  • Agent Performance Report
  • Ticket Turnaround Time Report by Agent
  • Ticket Status Report
  • Agent Productivity Report
  • Ticket Backlog Report
  • Agent Scheduling Report
  • Agent Evaluation Report

10. Full fledged ticket composer tools with English spellchecker

  • Automatic English spellchecker is fully enabled for agents where as for Supervisor it can be turned on or off.

11. Full ticket history

  • Full ticket correspondence by both customer and agent is captured for easy reference and tracking of an issue.
  • This also facilitate in evaluation of an agent in resolving the ticket.
  • Ticket history is organized in a chronological order.

12 Integration with existing CRM portals

  • EMS can and may be integrated to existing CRM portals.
  • This enables operation to consolidate many incoming streams of tickets into one ticket management system.

13. Supports multiple incoming and outgoing email accounts

  • EMS does receiving and sending responses from and through multiple email accounts.
  • Ticket reply can be specifically catered to many products but still maintaining a central ticket management system.
  • EMS can be scaled up or down according to operations needs as and when required.


Centium Email Management System (EMS) Agent / Server Requirement
  • Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista.
  • Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server
  • Intel based 1.5GHz or higher recommended
  • 512MB or more
  • TCP/IP Network Protocol
  • Network Card
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
  • SQL Server 2005 and above
  • IIS Version and Above
  • 10GB or more Free Disk Space


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Centium Email Management System
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